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If there’s one thing you want in your home, its fresh, clean, air. And the air inside must be cleaner than the air outside; isn’t it? Most homeowners assume this is the case. That if they are non-smokers, clean up well after their pets, and their home ‘smells’ nice, then the air must be clean. If you’re like these homeowners, think again.

There are several common air impurities found in your home that are doing damage to your health.

Not to say that it’s your fault, but air impurities can be present even if the air in your home seems clean. These impurities are often hidden and can occur naturally if you’re just not aware.

Fortunately, we have the tips and tricks you need to make sure your air meets your cleanest expectations.

The secret causes of air impurities

If you’re still in air denial, just know that the air inside your home can in fact, be two times dirtier than the air outside.

This is typically due to several indoor air pollutants that we use everyday, and yet have no idea that they are damaging the air we breath. Here’s how some of the most common air pollutants break down:

Dust So this might not come as a surprise. Dust is simple and can accumulate anywhere, when not cleaned properly. Over time, individuals that are especially sensitive or have allergies may experience serious health concerns related to dust.

Insecticides and more Which would you rather face, bugs or cancer? The vapors in insecticides and other pesticides have been known to cause cancerous growths. Be mindful when using these products indoors.

Household cleaners, paint, etc. Most of us known that the chemicals in household cleaners aren’t exactly the most friendly, although they are necessary. These chemicals in the air can trigger headaches and even skin irritation with regular exposure.

Combustion pollutants Even the appliances we know and love can be damaging your air. Poorly vented fuel-burning appliances such as fireplace, heater, wood or gas stove, water heater and dryer have been known to produce nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

How to purify them

Fortunately for all your air troubles, there is hope. Having impurities in your air at home does not mean you have to move. In fact, purifying the air inside your home can be as simple as installing a few houseplants. That’s right, plants that contribute to fresh air quality outside can also be a huge factor indoors. Spider plants for example can reduce traces of carbon dioxide and benzene, among other pollutants.

However, the first step we highly recommend is getting your air ducts cleaned. Air ducts should be cleaned every two to three years for the best air quality. This will remove all the dust and built-up pollutants in your ducts that are otherwise being carried throughout your home when the AC or heater is running. It’s best to leave it to the professionals, but it’s a once in a three-year investment that’s totally worth it.

You might also try cleaning with less toxic chemicals to reduce the presence of these volatile chemicals altogether or using an air purifier as well. An air purifier isn’t a permanent solution, but it will improve the quality of your air on a regular basis.

Air impurities might not completely be your fault, but you certainly don’t want to let not cleaning them be your fault either. Cleaner air means a healthier you and Unique Air Duct Cleaning can help. Our air duct cleaning services have been helping Michigan residents breathe better for over 25 years!

Unique Air Duct Cleaning wants to help keep the air in your homes and businesses fresh, clean and healthy so that you don’t have to worry about hidden air impurities invading your air. Our Viper Air Whip Cleaning System is the most advanced air cleaning system available that puts us a step above the competition. We are home and business cleaning specialists offering a wide range of services including dryer vent cleaning services. Call us to learn more and ask about our special offers!