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After a fire, your first thought may not be what’s going on in the air around your home. But you may be surprised to find that your air can become incredibly toxic and dangerous, especially for those who belong to sensitive groups, after you experience a fire in your home. Smoke inhalation and exposure to the chemicals in the air afterwards can be incredibly dangerous.

One way to combat this is to have your air ducts cleaned, thoroughly, by a professional service after a fire.

Some ways the air can be affected by a fire are obvious, other ways may be surprising to you. Smoke is dangerous to breath and the residue it leaves on surfaces and in the air after it’s gone is no better. Get all the facts to know how the air quality can change after a fire in your home and what you need to do to keep the air healthy to breathe.

Below are some facts about smoke and air quality after a fire and what you need to do to make sure your home is safe again

Smoke Inhalation

As a rule, we know breathing in smoke is bad. But why exactly is that? Smoke is a mixture of particles and chemicals that are released into the air as a result of impartial burning of carbon materials. Many of the pollutants in smoke are also naturally occurring or come from other sources, but the nature of smoke makes them particularly concentrated and dangerous to breath.

Hazardous Materials

One big problem people don’t often think about is that smoke and fire is happening to more than just wood. Plastic, metals, fabrics, and other textiles are also burning and generating smoke, and each carries its own dangerous concoction of chemicals and even carcinogens that you need to be mindful of during a fire and afterwards.

Health Effects

Inhaling smoke can cause irritation in the eyes and in the respiratory system. In sensitive groups, acute attacks and health problems are common and then may persist chronically afterwards. For many, getting out of the hazardous environment will clear up irritation. Residue left behind by the smoke can cause continued effects well after the fire.

Related Questions

Should I Have My Air Tested?

After your home experiences a fire or a nearby home experiences a fire, it’s generally a good idea to get the air in your home tested for air quality and pollutants to help inform your next moves for making the air in your home safe again.

Should I Use Air Purifiers?

While air purifiers can help, they also release ozone gas which can be just as harmful to sensitive individuals. One of the best things you can do is have your air ducts cleaned after a fire to start circulating new, clean air into your home.

After a fire there’s a lot to consider, but poisonous air can be a quiet and unnoticed threat until it gets to be incredibly dangerous. Don’t wait to get your ducts cleaned after a fire.

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