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The operable windows in your home do a lot for your home, but some of the effects they have on your home you may not even notice, and some of it you may not be so happy to know about, and some of it you’ll be excited to know can improve the health and happiness of your family.

Your windows can have an effect on the indoor quality of the air in your home, both good and bad, so having clean air ducts is important.

While you may hear a lot about the air quality day-to-day during weather reports or just based on your local proximity to a city, you may not realize that air quality inside the walls of your home is important too. In fact, it can be more important given home much time you spend inside your home and the close proximity you have to dust, debris, and each other. That’s why indoor wait quality is extremely important for the health and happiness of your home and the people in it.

Below is some information on how your windows can have an effect on the air quality inside your home and how to best help your family with air quality improvements. Also, making sure your air ducts are regularly cleaned helps.

Known Irritants

Some common, known irritants in the home include substances like radon, organic compounds, and mold. If someone in your house smokes or you have a neighbor who smokes in close proximity to your home, then you’re likely dealing with the negative effects of secondhand smoke and the associated chemicals. Gases present in the home like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can get trapped if you use an open range stove top, space heater, or fireplace.

Ventilation and Shading

Windows that can open obviously allow for air to come in from the outside and into your home. This means that the windows can bring in outdoor allergens or irritants but also means the windows can help push indoor irritants and allergens through the home and back outside. Windows also provide shading which has a big effect on the temperature of thee air inside your home and associated benefits there.

The Best Window Options

You want as many of your windows as possible to be operable windows. This means you want them to be able to open and close so that you can best control your indoor air quality situation. At the very least windows in the kitchen and high moisture rooms like bathrooms need to be operable to allow for proper airflow. Keep in mind, of course, that sometimes the outdoor air quality is worse than inside.

Related Questions

What are the effects of indoor air pollution?

Headaches and respiratory distress are the most frequent reactions to poor indoor air quality. Other side effects include frequent cold or sinus infections, sore throats, chronic coaching, eye irritation, skin irritation, dizziness, and even memory lapse.

Does poor indoor air quality cause poor health?

Depending on the source of your poor indoor air quality, failing health can be a long-term side effect of frequently breathing in poor air in your own home. Look into the best possible windows for your indoor air quality needs.

Having your airducts professionally cleaned helps the quality of air in your home, among other benefits. If you have clean air ducts, the air you breathe in your home will be cleaner and healthier. Windows will help maintain the air quality and keep pollutants out.

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