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When it comes to your home and the air within it, you want to ensure it is as good as it can be. Good air quality in your home is detrimental to the health of the people living inside. The air ducts in your home play a role, so make sure to schedule a cleaning, especially if you have allergies or smoke indoors.

So how do you tell if the air quality in your home is compromised?

The following facts are startling about home air quality:

● 96% of homes have an air quality issue according to the EPA
● Poor indoor air can activate asthma and allergies. It can cause sleep issues and create problems with a child’s development.
● Cooking and even blow-drying your hair can lessen the air quality of your home.

Poor indoor air quality and health issues

The air quality in a home should be a top concern of any homeowner. If there is a connection to any health issues due to poor air quality, you need to determine the link exists. Often, the warning signs are subtle and over-looked.

Potential allergies

Pay attention to symptoms of seasonal allergies which can be like those of poor air quality. If you start sneezing, get itchy, watery eyes upon entering your home or a building–it is likely bad air.

Look for new symptoms

The development of new symptoms could be a signal of poor air quality. A fever, rash, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, fatigue to name a few.

Related Questions:

Be mindful of your lungs

If the quality of the air in your home is not checked it can result in serious lung problems. If you keep getting bronchitis or pneumonia you should have the air quality checked.

How can I tell if my home air quality is bad? Here are some symptoms:

● Dryness or irritation of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat and skin
● Headache
● Fatigue
● Shortness of breath
● Allergies and hypersensitivities
● Sinus congestion
● Sneezing, coughing, and dizziness

How do I fix the air quality of my home?

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned is a great place to start. Contact a local air duct cleaning service to learn more. Another way to improve the air quality in your home is to dehumidify. Also, when cooking, using the dishwasher, or bathing, you should use an exhaust fan or keep a window open. Don’t give houseplants too much water and provide an outside vent for your clothes dryer.

Can bad air quality make you sick?

Yes. If the air quality in your home isn’t good it can cause emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis. Bad air can also create wheezing, dry throat, chest pains, nausea, and headaches.


As a final thought, you should always be mindful of your own as well as your family members’ health all year round. Allergies can mimic symptoms of poor air quality. Thus, ensure you rule this out before concluding it is bad air.

Breathe better in your home by having your air ducts inspected and cleaned. Annual cleanings are beneficial, however depending on the elements in your home every two to three years may work. Also, don’t forget about the dryer vent! That needs inspection and cleaning as well.

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