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You may check your weather app of choice and take a look at the air quality advisories. If you’re a member of a sensitive group–such as an asthmatic or someone prone to allergies–knowing the air quality is incredibly important for your health and your general happiness day-to-day. But what about the air quality in your own home? You could be sitting in a cesspool of dust and allergens without even realizing it.

Improving the air quality of your home is important for you, your pets, and every member of your family for your overall health and well-being.

One surefire way of keeping the air clear is getting your ducts professionally cleaned but there are also some day to day supplements you can enact in your home to keep the air crisp and safe in your home.

If you’ve gotten your air ducts professionally cleaned, below are some ways to maintain that healthy air in your home

Clean Your House Regularly

The easiest thing to do is to keep your home clean and as dust free as possible. Cleaning your home once a week will help keep down levels of dust and airborne contaminants that can start to build up. Dust, vacuum carpets, regularly change linens, keep drapery clean, and clean off countertops. And make sure to correctly dispose of materials once you finish your round of cleaning.

Don’t Keep Plants Indoors

Apart from the fact that plants themselves can be the cause of some sensitive and allergic reactions in certain people, indoor plants can collect dust and even cause the growth of mold from excessive watering and being left to sit. Keep the majority of your foliage outside to keep the air indoors clear and breathable.

Let New Air In

Monitor the outdoor readings for air quality and, on good days, open a window to allow new air to come into the house and replace old or contaminated air. This is important to do, even in the winter months, when you’re able. You’ll also want to sue kitchen filters or fans if you’ve got an excess of smoke or smells in your kitchen that need to be cleaned out.

Related Questions

What If I Have a Pet?

If your air quality is being damaged by the presence of your pet, that’s a tougher fix. Rather than resorting to getting rid of your pet, you should invest in an air purifier to help clean out some of the dandruff and fur invested air. Also make sure that you keep your pet regularly cleaned and groomed.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Vents?

Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned is going to be the most important move you make to keep the air in your home safe to breath. With an average price of $35/vent the overall job for the average home comes around to between $300 and $500 with certain factors going above or below that range. Make sure to get a few quotes and most companies offers special pricing or packages.

Keeping your vents clean and your air pure is a matter of health and happiness in your home and you shouldn’t let it go for long. Unique Air Duct Cleaning is a Michigan based, family owned and operated business for over 25 years. We are committed to great customer service and are a step above the competition due to our state-of-the-art Air Viper Whip System. It’s the most advanced air duct cleaning system available!

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