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We’ve all become extremely aware of ventilation recently. COVID-19, unfortunately, utilizes air as its primary pathway into new hosts, traveling in respiratory droplets from infected individuals who shed the virus. This makes indoor ventilation and clean air ducts incredibly important.

Air moving through professionally cleaned air ducts can help get impurities and virus particles out of the air and out of danger of being breathed in by you or your loved ones.

You can’t sanitize the air in your home the way you sanitize your hands, at least not in ways that are safe to the general public. That’s why ventilation is the key to tackling COVID-19 get it moving and out of your home, so no one has the chance to breath it in. Doing that may sound tricky, but there are some important things you can do to help the process and having your air ducts cleaned is one of them.

Below are some ways to help keep the air inside your home safe and clean during COVID-19.

Outside Air

The first and best thing you can do is open the windows and doors. Make sure it’s safe for your family (be mindful of pets and small children) and be mindful of the temperature or weather outside but inviting in outdoor air is a great way to clear out the stale air of the home that may or may not be carrying COVID-19 droplets. The chances of outdoor air also carrying particles is incredibly low, so you’re replacing potentially contaminated air with new, clean air.

Get the Air Moving

For one reason or another, it may not be possible to open windows and doors to outdoor air. In that case, the best move you can make is to get the air moving and circulating. Start by turning on fans. Next turn on your HVAC system which can take in contaminated air and replace it with new air. Some units have outdoor air intake systems you can utilize as well. If you haven’t had the ducts professionally cleaned in a while, it’s something you should do.

Portable Air Cleaners

Portable air cleaners can be used to remove contaminants from the air (though they’re not fool proof on their own). This is a good step to have in your back pocket in combination with other ventilation tactics. Utilize an air cleaner in a room frequented to pull contaminates and viruses out of the air while also utilizing ventilation tactics mentioned above. Again, when the air ducts are clean you are already a step ahead.

Related Questions

Do I need to change my HVAC filters?

It certainly can’t hurt. Filters should be cleaned and changed out regularly, regardless of a pandemic, because a dirty filter starts to defeat the purpose if left unchecked. So, change your filters regularly, especially now.

Should I get my air ducts cleaned?

Cleaning out your air ducts can improve the overall quality of air in your home, regardless of the public health situation. You should get them cleaned regularly to improve their function and maintain the clean status of your in-home air. Having clean air ducts is a plus and it can be done anytime of the year.

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