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Top Rated Air Duct Cleaning Services in Inkster MI and Beyond!

Our professional duct cleaning company offers top rated air vent cleaning. We have been delivering high quality air duct cleaning solutions throughout Inkster MI and beyond, for over 25 yrs. Our experienced team services residential and commercial clients. In addition to affordable air duct cleaning solutions, our company is able to troubleshoot common ventilation problems.

We use the best technology in duct cleaning. The Viper Air Whip Cleaning System places us above the competition. Further, our commitment to great customer service and respect for your home, family, and pets.

If you live near Inkster, contact us today! Rest assured you will obtain cost effective and quality service. Our company is based on trust, honesty, respect for our customers, and our air ventilation cleaning contractors are licensed and insured.

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State-of-the-Art Viper Whip System

This system is flexible in design and can reach all contaminants in any air duct angle or elbow. The Viper Whip’s 360 degree rotation dislodges any dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens from your air duct system.

We also have Special Equipment to service businesses and high-rise buildings for both carpet and air duct cleaning.

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

We use the Viper Whip air duct cleaning system, as it is one of the best machines available for cleaning residential and commercial air ducts. There are two critical functions: to remove any contaminants and dust within your duct work, and air wash the materials out of your residence. Because of this combination our experienced team is able to clean furnace vents more effectively. Unlike the majority of rotary brushes, it is flexible in design and can reach all contaminants in any air vent angles or elbows. With the ability to clean efficiently, the Viper Whip’s 360-degree spinning dislodges any dirt, pollen, and allergens from your duct work.

The materials are forced from your home vents via your trunk line, which is the direct line to your ventilation system. Our equipment attaches to your trunk line, with a large, highly efficient vacuum that runs at 20 horsepower to eliminate all dirt and debris from your home.

Our experienced staff understand how your HVAC system operates and how it can impact the indoor air quality of your residence or office. We can help with allergies, dust, mold, and other concerns that could be related to your furnace vents or dryer vent. Let us perform our services and “Enjoy Cleaner Air” that hundreds of our clients near Inkster MI have over the past 25 years.

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"Amazing Service!"

"Their professional and friendly and showed me everything they were doing! I couldn’t believe what was in our air ducts and the dryer vent!! Definitely using them again!!! What a difference in our home!! Great prices and great customer service!! I would recommend them to anyone!"

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5.0 stars

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