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If you’ve got an oddly abundant level of pests in your home, you may not think your dryer vent is to blame. You’ll look for open windows, cracks in the foundation, or other entry points. But the dryer vent is, essentially, a hole in the wall that leads directly into your home.

Dryer vents are a duct that are essential to the dryer’s ability to function and the safety of the dryer function.

But they can also be a highway directly into your home.

Pests and small animals look for ways into your home to avoid harsh outdoor conditions that can include inclement weather or a change of seasons. They find different ways to get in, but dryer vents are very common and often overlooked by homeowners when it comes to proofing a home against pests.

Below are some facts about pests and animals in your dryer vents and the problems they can cause you.

Common Pests

Plenty of bugs can come right on into your home through a dryer vent. Outdoor spiders and scary insects like scorpions can find the path a great way to get indoors. But you can have more severe pests than that. Mice, other small rodents, snakes, and birds can all use the dryer vent to gain access to your home. Even something as big as a skunk or groundhog can use the dryer vent to get inside.

What Are the Signs?

So, how do you know pests are in your dryer vent if you don’t readily see them in your home? If you’ve ben experiencing problems with your dryer but haven’t been able to troubleshoot the answer, an animal in the vent may be the answer. Another way to know is if you find your home suddenly filled with a foul animal smell, that can be a sign of something plugging up the dryer vent, especially if it has died,

How to Get Pests Removed

A pest control pro is going to be your best bet when it comes to getting the pests out of your vent. Don’t tackle it yourself, especially if you suspect the animal is still alive as it may attack you. A professional pest control technician is trained to handle all sorts of pests to keep your home clear.

Related Questions

What are the complications?

Having your dryer vent clogged by an animal is incredibly dangerous. On the one hand, the lack of ventilation can cause a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide in your home. This is also a big fire hazard as the animal can get sucked into the dryer itself, resulting in a fire.

How can I keep pests from coming back?

Your pest control professional can install a pest guard in your vent for fairly cheap (usually around $20) that will keep wildlife and pests out of your dryer vent.

After you get your pest situation under control, make sure your dryer vents are free and clear of debris that could pose other hazards. Having your dryer vents professionally cleaned ensures an efficient dryer that doesn’t harbor smells, dirt, debris or pests!

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