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Are you someone that puts off home renovations? Maybe you’re afraid of costly upgrades, time-consuming projects, and workers roaming your home in the time of coronavirus. While these inconveniences are often unavoidable when it comes to home improvement, some services must be addressed no matter the season. Having your dryer vents cleaned is one of them.

So why is it so important to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned?

More than a generic suggestion listed in a forgotten owner’s manual, failing to clean dryer vents puts your entire household at serious risk. Not to mention, clogged dryer vents can wreak havoc on your home’s electric bills.

Let’s break down why vent cleaning should never be a forgotten chore, but instead, a task listed at the very top of your to-do list. Stay tuned.

Hidden Dangers

Fire Hazard

First and foremost, failure to clean dryer vents can cause a fire. Dirty dryer vents mean lint buildup. While lint may seem harmless, it’s actually a highly flammable substance. When lint clogs dryer vents, hot, humid air is unable to pass through the vent. As the trapped air heats up, it can ignite a fire. These fires are more common than you’d think. In fact, 34% of residential fires are caused by clogged dryer vents. Don’t be a statistic – have your vents professionally cleaned!

Costly Energy Bills

Aside from preventing potentially fatal fires, clean air ducts can save your electric bills. The cleaner the vent, the faster the vent can do its job. Clogged air ducts slow down the drying process because air is unable to pass through the clogged mess. The longer a dryer takes to dry your clothes, the lower the energy efficiency, and the higher your energy bills. Save your home and your wallet with a professional cleaning.

Signs You’re Due for A Cleaning

A Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell when you run the dryer, stop your machine immediately. This burning smell is a sign that the clogged lint in your vents is heating up. Lint is flammable and can easily catch fire if there’s too much lint trapping too much hot air. If it smells like it’s burning, turn off your dryer and contact an HVAC specialist. The last thing you need is that vent starting a house fire.

Drying Takes Longer

If it takes two or three cycles for your clothes to dry – or longer than 45 minutes – it may be time for a cleaning. You may also notice a mildew smell or mold growing on damp clothes! As previously mentioned, the more clogged the vents are, the longer it takes a dryer to complete a cycle. Because that hot humid air can’t pass through the lint, it’s keeping your clothes damp. Help your dryer help you by calling the professionals and having your vents cleaned out.

It’s Been A Year…

Without any additional signs or suspicions, if you haven’t had your vents cleaned in over a year, it’s time to call the professionals. Yearly cleanings are just as important for your dryer vents as an annual oil change is for your car or dentist visit for your teeth. You wouldn’t skip out on a physical, so don’t leave your dryer hanging.


With everything going on around us, the status of our dryer vents can feel absolutely irrelevant. But when it comes to financial sustainability and overall health and wellness, dryer vents can majorly impact both camps. So, don’t snore on your home’s ventilation system. Call in a professional air duct cleaning service today for cleaner dryer vents and a safer tomorrow.

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