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You’ve seen the warnings on the cans. Aerosol products are dangerous, or at least can be when mishandled or handled by minors or small children. Unfortunately, aerosol cans are used routinely around the home and many different products utilize them from cleaning materials to paint to dusting materials. We can’t deny the ease and convenience of using aerosol cans to get certain jobs done.

But there’s a real danger in them that might not be obvious and it’s in the air you breathe in your home.

The biggest danger we all know is the flammability of aerosol containers. They can easily catch fire and be a danger close to open flames or sparks. But it’s almost more complex than that. Aerosol cans have dangerous chemicals, they can be dangerous to dispose of, and they can be dangerous for the air. There’s a lot of hidden risk, especially when using them in the home.

Below are some of the dangers of aerosol cans and products that you may or may not be familiar with.


Aerosol cans work because they’re highly pressurized and as long as they remain intact, they remain safe to use. But the pressurization can be dangerous when its threatened. If the can is punctured or a component is loose, it can cause a dangerous and sudden depressurization that could even lead to an explosion in extreme cases. This can release dangerous amounts of shrapnel, or shell pieces from the can at a high velocity.

Fire Hazard

While some aerosol can contents are safe, such as the pressurized air used for dusting, some are not. There are inherently dangerous substances such as insecticides or solvents from paint products. Many of them are flammable even before they shoot out of the can. But when they come out at the high velocity an aerosol can sends materials, they become even more dangerous and chemicals that may not necessarily be dangerous become flammable.


Disposing of aerosol cans can be dangerous. If the can is disposed while it still is partially full of chemical contents, it could be considered a hazardous waste product. This can be dangerous for unsuspecting trash collectors. If aerosol cans are disposed of in high temperature areas or too close to equipment, that can pose a danger to everyone.

Related Questions

Are aerosol chemicals dangerous?

Not every ingredient in an aerosol container is dangerous. But many contain hazardous and dangerous chemicals that can cause havoc in your respiratory system. This is especially dangerous for those with preexisting conditions.

What Is the Environmental Impact?

Beyond the dangers of hazardous waste, many people don’t realize they can recycle their empty aerosol cans. The gases and chemicals inside them can cause problems to the environment, however. The emissions from aerosol cans can cause damage to the ozone layer.

Aerosol cans can be dangerous when mishandled. Do research and make sure you’re using the safest possible product. If you are using them in your home make sure you are breathing clean air by having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Breathing clean air does wonders for your overall health, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Now that we are spending so much time in our homes and it is becoming a new reality, clean air ducts are an essential.

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