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Your dryer is a very useful appliance that needs to be up-kept and while most people have a general idea on how to work the product not everyone is able to distinguish the signs that a maintenance session is long overdue.

What tells you it’s time to clean your dryer vents?

If you see an increase in lint or drying times for your regular load or your appliance starts giving off a strange smell with a hotter than normal surface, it is a good idea to check your outlets and get them cleared out.

The vents for your appliance are paramount to function so paying attention to changes in performance is a good way to gauge when you need to clean them out. When they become blocked the hot air is trapped inside instead of permeating your clothing. You may notice them still damp after their regular cycle or a strange smell emanating after use. These are sure signs that maintenance has become necessary.

That strange smell you get may smell like burning rubber which is an indication that your selection is overheating due to the extra work it’s doing due to the clog. These symptoms may extend outside of the unit and you may begin to feel the heat on the surface of the appliance. This is yet another sign that your outlets are clogged or needs to be cleaned. These may be accompanied by malfunctions that cause a buildup of lint and similar mishaps after use.

How can I avoid clogs and vent blockages?

Having your item maintained on a consistent basis would help to minimize the risk of these types of symptoms occurring during use. Having your appliance cleaned at the minimum, once a year, is an excellent practice to keep it in good working condition.

Related Questions

How do I go about clearing out my outlets?

There are companies that have this service done professionally and are a great option as they also do inspections which can highlight any other problems your item may be having allowing these to be addressed simultaneously.

What is the general cost of getting this job done?

Prices vary so make sure to schedule a Free estimate. You can spend anywhere from $100 and up as prices vary based on the service provider. Depending on how bad the blockage is, you may have to invest extra to ensure the problem is taken care of properly. This is why an estimate is a good idea so that you know what to expect.

Losing an asset such as a dryer in your home can be an inconvenience but with regular maintenance and an eye out for warning signs of any surface problems, you can keep reaping the rewards of this valuable product.

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