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If you’re a homeowner and wondering why you should clean your air ducts, the bottom line is: they get dirty. Like any other part of your home, your air ducts get dirty with time, perhaps even the dirtiest. And for something that is not always included in the routine care of your home, dirty air ducts can have some of the most dangerous risk factors including pollen, dust and dirt, and other allergens that make it difficult to breathe.

What are the benefits of having your home air ducts cleaned?

Fortunately, if you can’t do it yourself, or simply don’t want to, air duct cleaning professionals are available. Professionals are a wise choice especially if you’ve never cleaned your air ducts. If you’re a homeowner and considering getting your air ducts cleaned, here are the top benefits you need to know.

Improve the quality of your air with clean air ducts

Even if you’re the cleanest person in the world, your air ducts get dirty just like everything else in your home. As they pass warm and cool air throughout the home, they can also pass dirt. Even if no one in your home has allergies or respiratory problems, cleaner air means a healthier you. Pollutants in the air can cause coughs, sneezes, and overall sinus issues. To avoid these issues, clean your air ducts regularly, and you’ll have regularly clean air.

Clean air is less expensive air

According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association 25 to 40 percent of energy is lost in heating and cooling when you run your air. This is due to contaminants that plug up your system and cause it to work harder, therefore shortening the life of your system. Clean air is more efficient and saves you money. That’s something we can all appreciate.

Clean air ducts help you breathe easier

Dust, dander, and pollen are the least of your worries. Your air ducts can also have harmful contaminants and micro-organisms such as mildew, mold spores, and similar toxins. For individuals with allergies and asthma, these can be particularly harmful for their breathing. For those without, it is still easier to breathe without these issues.

Remove smells and odors with clean air ducts

The last thing you want is for your home to smell because your air ducts are dirty. Tobacco, paint fumes, cleaning agents, mold, and pets can all contribute to stale smells in your home. Even just the smell of dirt stink over time. These smells get stuck in the air ducts and can create a permanent scent in your home.

Don’t let cleaning your air ducts be out of sight, out of mind. And don’t forget your dryer vent, that needs cleaning too.  Hire a professional air duct cleaning service to clean your air ducts to get it done right!

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