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Your air ducts need constant cleaning. Once a year you should be getting them professionally cleaned but do you know what could be lurking in there if you don’t? Viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants can live inside your air ducts, unhindered, if you don’t get them cleaned regularly. And considering about 90% of our lives is spent indoors, we want to make sure the air we breathe is safe to be breathing.

Certain groups are more in danger than others when it comes to airborne contaminants in your air ducts.

This includes infants to young teenagers, adults over the age of 60, those who are immune compromised, pet owners, and anyone with allergies or respiratory issues that could cause dangerous episodes of airway restriction.

Below is information on what can and cannot be found insider your air ducts and what truly poses a risk for you and your family.


Viruses are unique and varied. While many can be airborne and potentially get into duct work, they have a shelf life for how long they can live on surfaces without a host. So as far as dangers in your air ducts go, viruses are pretty low on the list since they don’t last very long in there, even if they do find their way up there. Most viruses spread through fomites (inanimate objects that have been touched by an infected person) or respiratory droplets expelled through talking or couching.


When air fails to circulate properly and goes stagnant, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria to start growing. Thanks to the cold, dark nature of air ducts, they can be an ideal place for bacteria to thrive, undetected. And once the air starts moving, your ducts are pumping out b bacteria laced air which can make you very sick.


Mold can thrive in air ducts where air is low, ventilation is scarce, and moisture seems to have sat. This can be a real danger in the humid summer months. This mold can cause allergic reactions in sensitive groups and, in extreme cases, lead to some serious respiratory issues depending on the type of mold found inside the duct work.

Related Questions

How often should I maintain my duct work?

Cleanings at least once a year are key. Change the filters and make sure debris and moisture is cleared from your air ducts. Ideally you will get it done twice a year as seasons change to make sure you’re tackling all potential problems.

How do I prevent moisture in my ducts?

The most common cause of moisture in duct work is leaks. You’ll only know it’s happened after you start having an issue unless you make sure to get proper maintenance done.

Don’t let your ducts fester with contaminants. Make sure they get cleaned and stay clean throughout the year.

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