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Nowadays, it’s hard to find public places where smoking is allowed. The result is often keeping your smoking habit to your own home. It seems safe and comfortable enough, but there are some serious effects that could linger in your home and cause problems for your family and guests. After all, there is a reason that smoking has been banned in many public spaces.

Since there is no safe level of secondhand smoke, the air quality in your home is negatively affected by smoking, to say the least.

The problems smoking can cause for you and your family, even when you have not actively smoked recently, are not always understood. Just because you can’t smell something doesn’t mean it’s not there. Secondhand smoke and all its ill effects are very real and can cause serious problems.

Below are some of the things you may not think about when it comes to smoking in your own home. Take a look.

Secondhand Smoke

This is the most clear and obvious danger of smoking. As much as 85% of the particles of secondhand smoke are both invisible and undetectable with other senses. And, most importantly, there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. A fan will also not remove the danger by “airing out” the room. The chemicals from this can linger in the air and in fabrics as well as settle in the air ducts for a long time.

Long Term Chemicals

In just one exhale of secondhand smoke, there are 4,000 toxic chemicals that enter the air. They’re smaller than dust, virtually invisible to the naked eye, and no amount of airing out will make them go away. Even if the tobacco smell eventually dissipates, the odorless chemicals are still there and prone to drafting all over your house, through the air ducts so keeping yourself confined to one room for smoking won’t protect your family either.

Concerns for Your Kids

Even if you smoke when your kids aren’t home, you’re still leaving a cloud of colorless and odorless vapor, full of toxic chemicals, waiting for them when they get home from school, friend’s houses, or while they sleep at night. Even hours later it can trigger an asthma attack in sensitive groups. Because of breathing rates, children inhale twice as much household air as an adult, making them more likely to inhale something harmful.

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What Can I Do to Clean My House Out?

If you’ve recently quit smoking or at least quit smoking in your home and want to get cleaner air for your family, having your air ducts cleaned is a great start. Clean air ducts will get clean air circulating in your home again and start to push out those chemicals that have been lingering in the air.

The air in your home needs to remain safe for all to breath. Your kids are more at risk than you to develop problems from lingering secondhand smoke, so a professional air duct cleaning company can help get you on the path to clean breathing.

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