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You probably take the function of your vents and ductwork for granted. That’s a good thing, it means they’re working right. But problems can start to creep up that can domino into even bigger problems if they’re not handled appropriately.

A weak airflow in your ducts can lead to problems in air quality, respiratory discomfort, and inflated energy bills.

The issues that can cause a blocked air flow in a duct are many and each one could be indicative of a bigger problem. How you notice the airflow problem in the first place can also give you hints to how serious the underlying cause is. The trick is to be vigilant and catch these problems before they get serious.

Below are some common causes behind slow airflow in ductwork and what you can do about it if you notice it in your home.

Dirty Air Filter

The air filter is the gate through which air passes and, hopefully, keeps toxins and harmful substances out of your air. But it’s not without maintenance. You need to periodically check air filters to make sure they’re not being clogged with the collected debris and substances. When an air filter is in need of a change, it can start to block airflow. The best way to combat this is to change your filter every six weeks during peak season of use to prevent build up.

Blocked Vents

Sometimes low airflow comes from human error. If you’re not getting airflow to a room, despite the system being on and functioning, check to make sure the vent is open. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s an easy step to miss. Make sure the vent in the room is properly opened before you start cranking a heating or cooling system or calling on a pro for help.

Wrong Size

Like anything else, HVAC systems also have proper sizes. If your HVAC system was sized too larger or too small, you’re going to lose airflow while the system is running. Equipment that’s too small while work harder to keep up with the load and equipment that’s too big will constantly turn on and off as it tries to meet the correct requirements. If you’ve found your bills are high or your system is constantly cycling on or off, this may be the cause.

Related Questions

Does Duct Cleaning Help?

Duct cleaning could help your air quality. It also helps your airflow by taking hazards out of the way and allowing the air to flow freely without obstruction. You should get them cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning service at least once a year.

How Do I Test My Airflow?

If you’re not noticing specific problems but when to check your airflow, there are ways to do that. Have a professional test the airflow with an anemometer to determine if your airflow is where it needs to be in your home for good air quality and energy bills.

If you notice high energy bills or problems in your air system, it may be lowered airflow. Talk to a professional to diagnose the problem correctly and get your air flowing again.

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