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Cleaning your air ducts is important for many reasons. These reasons include your home’s overall air quality, preventing contamination, and more. If you have never had your air ducts cleaned or moved into a new home and plan on doing so, here is what you can expect from the process.

When should you have Your Ducts Cleaned?

It’s typically recommended that you have your air ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years, but if you have multiple pets in your house, every three years is a safer bet due to pet dander build-up.

If you have more pressing issues such as rodent problems, you should get this done as soon as the rodent problem is dealt with, as rodents can and will die in your vent systems, and that issue will then be circulated throughout your house.

Mold growth is also a serious hazard that should be dealt with immediately as it can have some seriously adverse health effects for you and your family. If you smell mildew or bad musty smells on a regular basis, you should seek professional service for inspections and cleaning.

Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

A technician will discuss with you in detail the job that will be carried out. And when it comes time to clean your vents, the technician will use specialized tools to reach deep into the vents and clean the debris and dust from every nook and cranny.

This cleaning process is then followed by a sanitizing process to wash away the mess and any remaining detritus.

Every piece of your system will be properly removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. All seals will be cleaned and inspected, and you will be notified of any that may need to be replaced.

This cleaning and inspection of seals and other critical elements of your forced-air system will increase the overall efficiency of the system in your home and lead to increased savings on your energy bill.

Additional Benefits

Extending your HVAC systems Lifespan

One of the most prominent and largest investments to consider in your home is the heating and ventilation system. When your HVAC system is overwhelmed with mold, pet dander, dust, or other debris and particulates, it will suffer a reduction in efficiency, in some cases drastically, even leading to system failure.

In most cases HVAC equipment fails much earlier than its given life expectancy due to one main reason, lack of maintenance.

Proper air duct maintenance and efficiency are linked, and a well maintained and clean air duct system will help eliminate health hazards associated with unclean systems while providing clean and fresh air throughout your home.

Heath Benefits

The EPA has stated that the air quality inside of a home with an unclean forced air system could be up to 2 to 5 times more polluted than the fresh air found outdoors in non-polluted areas.

Cleaning your vent and air duct systems will produce a notable air quality improvement in your home and may improve issues such as allergies and sinus issues due to the elimination of particulate matter being circulated throughout your home.


Having dirty air ducts can have negative impacts on the quality of life in your home. Be sure to keep tabs on this potential issue, and if there are any issues, be sure to contact a professional service to have them inspected and thoroughly cleaned.

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